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birth doula services

"We couldn't be happier with the support we received from Julianna. She was not only a steadfast pillar of support for me as a mother, but she was ready to provide emotional support for the entire family especially our older daughter. On the day of the birth, she was constantly in touch and arrived very early to support me and kept me strong throughout the entire labor. Julianna kept notes of all the important milestones and all the nurses at the nurses at the hospital were very impressed with her.

Julianna's lower back massages kept me going through the initial painful contractions. Her constant encouragement and support also played a critical role in helping me get through the labor. She remained calm and helped me sustain the pain by focussing on the bigger picture.

I would also like to callout the postpartum session for which she again came home prepared and patiently addressed all my questions and concerns.

Overall, we had a great experience with Julianna. We would highly recommend."

-Paravathy & Ranjit

post partum doula services

"Very few days before the birth date of our second child, we had some changes in our birth plan and decided to hire a doula for the postpartum period. We interviewed several doulas in a short period of time and chose Julianna for two reasons. First, unlike others, she did not push us to sign a contract shortly and gave us a flexibility to do so anytime before the due date. This was a very helpful, calming and kind offer from her. Second, in our experience, postpartum packages include several services that one may need at all. As opposed to other interviewed doulas, rather than having just one determined package, she offered flexibility on her package to reduce our costs by selecting just those services that we really need. At the end, these two advantages convinced us to ask Juliana for helping us with the postpartum.

On the delivery date, she was constantly in touch to see when we need her to join us. Once arrived, she immediately started her job, took care of our baby, and provided very peaceful environment for us to get some rest after a very long day.

We found Julianna as a very kind, professional, and flexible doula and would highly suggest her for anyone looking for a smooth and affordable postpartum experience."

-Zahra & Amin

yoga services

"I am still fairly new to yoga and am always nervous beginning a new session. Julianna’s warm and inviting energy brought me to a level of calm that I often don’t feel as a beginner in class. The reminders to fully breathe in and out, to find gratitude and safety in each moment was soothing and helped me center myself for the rest of the day. Julianna is a natural healer and I hope to incorporate the flow into my weekly routine. Thanks Jules, we need more healers like you in this world!"


"Julianna is absolutely wonderful! She has such a positive and healing energy, is extremely knowledgeable about her practice, and is so supportive of anyone and everyone from diverse and unique backgrounds."


"I had the pleasure of training alongside Julianna for our yoga certifications. Julianna is an intuitive, sensitive soul with the unique ability to connect with her students’ needs. She is a natural teacher who creates a welcoming and safe space for any and everyone. Such a joy being a part of her practice!"


"Julianna practices what she preaches when it comes to holistic wellness and spirituality. She is constant in pursuit of expanding her knowledge to improve herself and those she comes in contact with in this field of  yoga/meditation Pay a visit to grow your practice and meet a special soul."


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