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Emotional, physical, and educational support during pregnancy and birth. Helping you to achieve your most empowered and honored birth experience. 


Portrait of young pregnant female working out at home. African pregnant woman practicing y

Pre/Postnatal Yoga is an incredible way to tune into your mental and physical needs in preparation for labor and birth, as well as recovery in the postpartum period.

energy and bodywork

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Combining ancient Jewish healing with energy medicine and physical touch, this hands-on support presents many unique and user-friendly practices that help you to achieve personal healing as you explore pregnancy, postpartum, and parenthood.


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Holding space for you as you transition into parenthood. Support ranges anywhere from feeding and changing baby while you shower, meal preparation, light house work, and much more. 


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Think of this as an "on-call" babysitter to take care of your older child(ren) during your labor and birth, in addition to helping to facilitate and hold space for sibling bonding.



An integrative approach to a holistic way of life. Access to private coaching and personalized guided yoga and meditation flows. We cover everything from achievable goal setting to maintaining/prioritizing wellness rooted in self-care practices.

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