Gold Package

Gold Package


We will begin building our relationship with 3 prenatal visits where we can spend 1-2 hours comfortably, in a location of your choosing. During these meetings we will discuss:


  • formulating a birth plan
  • childbirth education
  • comfort measures for labor (TENS unit, rebozo, movement, breathwork, & more!)
  • yoga and movement
  • breathwork, meditation, hypnobirthing, and affirmations
  • self care and relaxation techniques
  • preparing a postpartum plan
  • herbal remedies


I will be on-call until the birth of your baby and will be available via phone, text, and email. My support will be in person (virtual support available if necessary)  and if you are comfrtable, supporting you laboring at home with my support continuing into the location of where you plan on birthing. I will be available to help you labor as things progress, normalize the process, and support you throughout the entire labor and birth journey.


I will stay and help you during the immediate postpartum time often referred to as "Golden Hour" to support with first feeding in whatever form you choose. Included in my package is a post-partum follow up visit where we can check how things are going and if you need additional resources/support.

  • Please Note: Sliding scale and payment plans are available if necessary