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A Mother's Day Reflection and the Enabling of Motherhood: Cultivating Strength, Love, and Growth.

Recently I was bestowed a label I never really thought of before: Motherhood Enabler. Though I don’t have children of my own, I don’t take my role as a doula and educator lightly.

I am honored to be welcomed into the lives of mothers and expecting parents. Entering this new chapter of life is a delicate portal to walk through, sometimes it’s a run and most times it’s a slow and steady crawl. I’m here to affirm not only the birth of your baby, but the birth of a new you.

While I know this day can bring a mix of emotions—for mother’s themselves, for women

trying to conceive, women navigating loss—I hope we can all find a moment to celebrate mother’s, mother figures, and women wanting to be mother’s, today, tomorrow, and forever.

Sending all the mama’s out there a warmth filled Mother’s Day. Mother’s make the world go round. Happy Mother’s Day. 🌹🪻🌷🌻

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