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Affirm Your Birth 

Hi and welcome! I'm Julianna, a full spectrum doula, reproductive health educator, and yoga teacher. 

Affirm your birth of your baby and of a new you.

Visualize your pregnancy where your mind, body, and soul

are nourished and adored.

Visualize your pregnancy where you feel supported and loved

during birth and through postpartum.

Visualize your pregnancy where you feel educated in your choices, empowered in your process, and  honored for all that you are.

As your doula, I help to cultivate and hold space

for all this and more.

My passion for women's health, advocacy, and community care has led me to holding the hands of women, birthing people, partners, and families as they welcome a new life to the world.

bringing a new life into this world comes with many

new thoughts, sensations, and experiences.

Supporting over 50 births, and 70+ families,

I feel this work is my calling.

It is my honor and privilege to support folks in this journey. 



Believe in your body's ability

What Clients are saying...

"We couldn't be happier with the support we received from Julianna. She was not only a steadfast pillar of support for me as a mother, but she was ready to provide emotional support for the entire family especially our older daughter. On the day of the birth, she was constantly in touch and arrived very early to support me and kept me strong throughout the entire labor. Julianna kept notes of all the important milestones."

"I felt I could be 100% myself with her, and with such a personal/new/unknown experience that birth can be, that felt really important. She was also an incredible support to my husband/birthing partner. Julianna is well-informed, down to earth, and a calming presence. She makes very available to questions along the way and postpartum. She's professional, easy going, and would highly recommend her for supporting your birth and postpartum journey."

"Julianna was such a joy and blessing to have by our side, through my birth and initial postpartum period. She's so helpful and has a very grounding, calm presence. I felt very supported with her during my birth-she kept me going when I needed encouragement, and helped us document the birth while we focused on bringing our daughter into the world. She is willing to do whatever you need, even helped whip up some great meals and baked goods while I was recovering from birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a birth or postpartum doula."

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